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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
By Katrina T. Thomas
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It has certainly been a while since I last sent out any correspondence.  I’m not going to lie. The Tubbs fire in 2017 was a doozy for my family and friends and took a significant toll on my business and me personally.  I’m reaching out to you today for several reasons. Most pressing is that I have received calls and messages from a few of you, concerned about the fact that you saw a “for sale” sign in front of the KTP property.  It’s true. We have decided to put the KTP building on the market. Don’t panic. KTP still exists to create artwork for you and your littles, headshots for the professional and commercial imagery for businesses. The decision to sell our lovely little studio was a difficult one; but ultimately one we are very excited about.  The short of it is that we are hoping to locate and purchase a property which will support both the KTP business and our home on the same lot.


So how will we continue to service our clients once the studio sells?!  Don’t worry- we’ve got a plan. I am still available for headshots and commercial work at any time.  I will even open up a limited number of on-location sessions as my schedule allows. For all the other sessions which require more complex and thoughtful setup, I will schedule them within a 1-2 week period, every 4 months, and utilize a rental space as a pop up studio.


In the meantime the studio is still here and open for business!  I intend to utilize this space for as long as possible. I love thinking about all the memories and imagery we’ve created here.  I love thinking about the new friends I’ve made through KTP, and continue to feel joy as I look at all your faces in my portfolio.



To that end, I’m bringing back 3 of my most popular limited edition sessions, at a discounted rate for the months of May and June, as well as lowering another popular session type.

Thank you all for continuing to support KTP in this transition!

"All About Me" - $199

Unveiled in 2013, the "All About Me" session was a hit.  This session is a super fun way to celebrate the energy and enthusiasm of your family members. It includes a 20x20 standout and a usb flash drive containing all 9 images used to create the standout.  Additionally, I’m including a print release for each of the images, for up to 5x7.  (I know, right?)


"Old Masters" - $150 (session fee only)

Offered in 2017, the “Old Masters” session was a unique way to create timeless artwork with a twist.  Originally, these sessions were created with the sole purpose of creating large wall art. This time around we are offering another option.  In addition to large scale framed wall art, we are offering a matted print collection. (5) 7x10 matted images presented either in a custom wooden box or on a tabletop display stand.  “Old Masters” sessions are often more involved and require a great deal of client participation in design, but are well worth it in the end.

"Hobby" Portrait- $99

The “Hobby” Portrait is a fun one for sure.  You have a child who plays the guitar? Let’s create an image that captures their passion for music.  Or maybe their thing is karate, or dance, or building legos?? We’ve got you covered. This session is 45 minutes long and includes two 5x7 prints.  Offered at $99.

"Power Lunch" - $199

Technically I’m not bringing this one back, as it never went away- but I am offering a nice discount on it for the next 6 weeks!  The “Power Lunch” head shot, normally priced at $300, will be offered at $199, and includes one digital image.

To take advantage of one of these memorable sessions, please email me at
Offers end 6-30-19
Thank you and have a wonderful day!
-Katrina T. Thomas, C.P.P.

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