Tuesday, October 25, 2016
By Katrina T. Thomas
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This is a quick post- the graphic below pretty much says it all.  Want a Halloween portrait?  Bring one (or two or three, or four...) canned food item(s) to the Haunted Dojo, this Sunday the 30th, located at 320 Tesconi Circle, Santa Rosa, and receive a complimentary Halloween portrait.  If you can't come, but would still like to donate- please consider either dropping off the donated items to our Redwood Empire Food Bank barrel located inside the Family Martial Arts Center, (on Tesconi)- or even better- email me and I'll happily come to you to pick up the donation.  Really.  Every donated item is helpful.  Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, July 05, 2016
By Katrina T. Thomas
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Hello again, beautiful people!  Please pardon the jumble that is this new blog site as we migrate all the old posts, and content over here.  In the meantime, enjoy this picture of a cat.  Because...well, cats.  :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014
By Katrina T. Thomas
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Inside the studio

Thursday, January 30, 2014
By Katrina T. Thomas
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Client spotlight with Anne...

People do boudoir sessions for all sorts of reasons.  What inspired you to book one?

I was inspired to do a boudoir shoot when my deployed husband kept asking me for pictures.  You can only take so many pictures in the mirror before all the poses are the same and are lacking variety!  In addition, I wanted to do something to feel special for him to see the hard work I have been putting into cyclical ketogenic diet and workout plan.

How did you prepare for your boudoir session?

I wore loose clothing in order to keep clothing lines from showing up on my skin, curled my hair and continued to touch up my makeup and hair throughout the shoot.  I also had my best friend Caitlin join me because she always helps lighten me up when I'm feeling nervous.

What was you experience during the session?

Overall this was a fun experience for me.  I was finally able to show off my body.  I knew from previous sessions that the images that Katrina was taking would turn out fabulous which put my mind at ease.

Where did your session take place and how were you comfortable with your surroundings?

Because I live in Florida and was visiting California, I decided to do my shoot in a nice hotel.  In fact, I'm very pleased with that decision because the hotel offered lighting and variety that I do not have in my bedroom at home which was definitely a plus.  Because of the luxury of the hotel room, there were more opportunities for a variety of poses.  Overall I was very comfortable with my choice and would definitely book another session in a hotel or resort like setting.

How do you feel about the images from your session?

When Katrina and I sorted through the images, I was in love with pretty much every single picture!  I couldn't wait to have the  finished products in my hands.

Which products did you order and which is your favorite?
I ordered a 10x10 lay flat album and four metallic print wraps.  My favorite items are the print wraps because my husband can see them in our bedroom every day!

Some people are more modest than others and the idea of a boudoir shoot may seem daunting.  What would you say to those people interested in booking, but are nervous about what to expect?

I would tell those who are uncomfortable with the thought of boudoir photography that there are so many different poses actually designed to flatter certain body parts.  For me, it was taking shots of my tummy straight on.  Once Katrina posed me and we did a preview  of the pictures, I was amazed at how her guidance  helped hide that area.  The best oart is, it looked completely natural!  Also, unless you want to, you don't need to be nude.  Katrina and I did shots that implied nudity, but I was still completely covered up!  I would also recommend bringing along a great friend.  It's a great experience for everyone.


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Tuesday, October 01, 2013
By Katrina T. Thomas
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I know, I know.  It seems a tad early to talk holiday cards, right?  Well, not really.  If you want those gorgeous vineyards, colorful beach sunsets, and fall color in you holiday card this year, then now is the time to get on it.  To encourage all you lovely people to get the ball rolling, I am launching a once a year holiday card promo!  Book before October 20th and receive 24 holiday cards included in the session price of $150.  Book early to guarantee a spot.  This is one promo that will book up quickly.