Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Katrina Thomas and I am a Certified Professional Photographer, working out of a studio located in Santa Rosa. 

Inspired by the meaningful relationships between all of us, I aim to create artwork which provoke both thought and emotion.  Although I am willing to work on-location, I much prefer the simplicity of working in my studio without outside distraction, especially when working with children where I work with intent to elicit natural and relaxed expressions.

I am a Certified Professional Photographer, a designation earned from the Professional Photographers of America, only after meeting the rigorous requirements measuring both my artistic ability and technical competence.  CPP's, must complete a written examination, an image evaluation and adhere to a stringent code of conduct.  That being said, I've also put together a list of random facts about myself.  When we meet, I hope to learn at least 10 random facts about you!

1. I have two 8 year olds.  I haven't slept properly in ooh, let's say...8 years.

2. I love coffee, but hazelnut is NOT an acceptable additive to coffee.  Just stop it.

3. My first car (many moons ago), was a Volkswagen bus.  It required oil EVERY time I put gas in it. 

4. Spiders do not exist.  Spiders do not exist.  Spiders do not exist.

5. I can prepare a pomegranate with surgical precision.

6. I hold a degree in audio engineering.

7. I also hold a degree in silly.

8. That last one may be a lie.

9. When I retire, I hope to have a used book store... but I may not sell any of them.  Basically, I'm just describing having a large collection of old books.  Which I already have.  I guess I'll never retire.

10. I was once in a band named "Pretend Ducks"...because it rhymed with "5 bucks".